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The pacing of the novella is excellent: the chapters are short, and the frequent code-switching in the dialogue is also spot on.

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“Host Daniel Chacón and guest co-host Roberto Santos speak with writer and El Paso native Christine Granados on her newest book, Fight Like a Man and Other Stories We Tell Our Children. Granados portrays life in the parched landscape of El Paso as the setting for this book of stories about people navigating their way through dysfunctional lives with the help of friends and family.”

Aired October 22, 2017

“Sharply realized fiction located in a vibrant community.”

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“Granados’ stories are…lively, profane, and sexually explicit. Her characters confront
painful and difficult situations awkwardly yet with deep emotion.”

               “...a beautifully written work owing to its setting, characters, and interesting literary style,                               puro bicultural without half trying, and completely gratifying."

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“Like her characters, Christine Granados is not afraid to step up and in. It doesn’t matter who, what man or woman, Chicano or Chicana, she’s fighting to win.”

                                                ―Dagoberto Gilb, author of Before the End, After the Beginning

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“Kick-ass writing from a chingona from El Chuco―a real slice of America without the stereotypes and hype from the evening news. ¡Brava!”

            ―Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street 

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"Granados continues to be a groundbreaking storyteller from the borderlands."


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                               ​​"Polished yet raw, Fight Like a Man is about intimate, intricate human
                    relationships in all their complex motivations and emotional nuance, and how we tend to prefer the devil we know.

                               ​​"This book resonates deeply with the Mexican-American community,
                    especially along the border.

                               ​​​"At Tía Chucha’s, Granados aimed to merge la literatura con la música — her  
      niece Alyssa Granados strummed her guitar in between each reading — and bring together different writers of color, to share their diverse narratives.

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